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"CE B4 DE"

At All Atlanta Programs!
Combining the excitement and spirit of DE with an incredible Chiropractic CE program.

12pm - 5:15pm
DE Thursdays
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2016 Dates

January 21-24 2016
Atlanta GA
Embassy Suites
Centennial Olympic Park

April 14-17 2016
Sarasota FL
Hyatt Regency

July 28-31 2016
Atlanta GA
Embassy Suites
Centennial Olympic Park

October 13-16 2016.
Atlanta GA
Embassy Suites
Centennial Olympic Park

Dynamic Essentials Delivers


About Dynamic Essentials

Dr Sid E Williams - Dynamic Essentials Chiropractic meetings

Dynamic Essentials or DE is a powerful catalyst to personal change and growth. Dynamic Essentials recognizes that Chiropractors go through a long, strenuous and sometimes deficient educational process. This educational process often disregards Chiropractic`s founding principles and scoffs at the idea that there is more to life than what science can easily prove. With respect for Chiropractic`s founding principles and the principle that the "Power that made the body, heals the body," Dynamic Essentials focuses on our responsibility as Chiropractors to lay hands on the sick and oppressed and see them recover.

The DE program, developed for Chiropractic professionals and their administrative staff, will enable you to renew your sense of direction and incorporate a firm belief in yourself, thereby achieving your individual and professional goals. DE is more than a series of classes and presentations. DE is more than a platform of quality speakers and practice building ideas! DE is an experience which will have a positive and profound effect on all aspects of your personal and professional life!

At DE we agree with the adage that states:
" Once you get the big idea, all else follows ."

The DE experience strongly emphasizes the Lasting Purpose Principle and encourages all to embrace its life enhancing qualities. The LP Principle simply stated is the act and mindset of loving, serving and giving out of your own abundance in accordance with God`s will. Dr. Sid E Williams and Dr Nell K Williams, founders of Dynamic Essentials and Life University, have shared the vision of how the LP principle and mindset should be applied. DE continues that vision.

The next  Atlanta DE is January 21 - 24, 2016
Embassy Suites Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta

Embassy Suites Atlanta
at Centennial Olympic Park
267 Marietta Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 30313
Use group code "DNE" when making online reservation
to recieve special DE discount hotel rate.

Next Florida DE is: April 14-17, 2016
Sarasota Hyatt Regency, Florida

Hyatt Regency Sarasota

1000 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota, FL, 34236 941-953-1234

We recommend you make your hotel room reservations early as the hotel will fill up!

Newly discovered video showing what sparked the birth of DE.