Who We Are

Dynamic Essentials or DE is a powerful catalyst to personal change and growth. 

The DE program, developed for Chiropractic professionals and their administrative staff, will enable you to renew your sense of direction and incorporate a firm belief in yourself, thereby achieving your individual and professional goals. DE is more than a series of classes and presentations. 

DE is more than a platform of quality speakers and practice building ideas! DE is an experience which will have a positive and profound effect on all aspects of your personal and professional life!

Our Story

DE was founded by Dr. Sidney E. Williams in November of 1964.  At the time, Chiropractic was receiving heavy criticism, and the Dynamic Essential was established as a method to help save Chiropractic.  Ten years later, Life College was founded by Dr. Sid and supported by the Dynamic Essentials movement.  To date, DE has the largest alumni of Chiropractic leaders in the world.